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ServSafe Manager Training Program

Why Culinary Cultivations?

Culinary Cultivations cares about your customers and their business. This is why only food service professional to instruct our Servsafe classes to not only relay the food safety information but to teach practical experience to apply the lessons taught in the Servsafe program to their operation. We are a company that has been working with the Gordon Food Service family for many years and our priority is you customers needs.

What you need to know:

  • What do we do? - Culinary Cultivation provides private and public Food and Alcohol Safety to all Gordon Food Service Customers across the entire Gordon Food Service footprint.
  • What value do we bring you? – You now have an easy and affordable quality driven resource for your customers
  • What value do we bring your customer?
    • Compliance – It is required in every area of the United States to have a Food Safety Certification for all food service establishments
    • Ease and Support – We are a very easy service to use. We provide a full-service program where we not only provide the training but support service to help with any need before, during or after your certification.
    • Best pricing – We offer the best price you are going to get with a live training with multiple ways to make payments
  • How does payment work? -
    • Call our customer service line or go to our website at, register directly on the phone or on the website and pay with a credit card. organizations can go through our approval process and can set them up for direct billing through Culinary Cultivations

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ServSafe Testing & Classes

Choose from one of our many public classes held. We provide a comfortable Chef driven course with practical experience. We provide all materials for the classes and exams including practice tests and a study guide. (Ohio classes are $45 more per person for Ohio certification)

Full Day Instruction w/ textbook and study guide
(Includes all class materials and exam)
Full Day Instruction w/ study guide only
(Includes all class materials and exam)
Proctored Exam
(Includes exam, study guide and bubble sheet)
Proctored Exam at our office
(M – F 10am to 3pm)
Proctored Exam at your location
(plus mileage and travel time)


Public Servsafe Class Discounts

This is a value for businesses that have a need for numerous food safety certifications. Sign your people up and our system will automatically discount your purchase for multiple registrations for one transaction. You can choose to send any of your people to any of our publicly held classes. You must register all students for the class's dates at the time of purchase. All your Servsafe books are shipped to you to one location, so your team can begin to study for their certification exam. (2-day class add $50 per person – Ohio only)

5 or more student discount (with study guide only) $10 (with book) $10
10 or more student discount (with study guide only) $15 (with book) $15
15 or more student discount (with study guide only) $20 (with book) $20
20 or more student discount (with study guide only) $25 (with book) $25


Private ServSafe Class Pricing

A perfect fit for larger organizations and groups that want to have our team come out to your location. You provide the space and refreshments and we will do the rest. The fee per student includes examination materials, books shipped ahead of time (if ordered), study guide, paractice tests and instruction. (10-person minimum charge) (prices shown are per person)


Servsafe Managers Food Safety Certification

10 or less (with study guide only) $160 (with book) $195
11 to 20 (with study guide only) $150 (with book) $185
21 to 30 (with study guide only) $140 (with book) $175
31 to 40 (with study guide only) $130 (with book) $165
41 to 50 (with study guide only) $125 (with book) $160
51+ (with study guide only) $120 (with book) $155
Extra Book with Answer Sheet $85 ea (plus $20 S&H)
Extra Book without Answer Sheet $55 ea (plus $20 S&H)
Answer Sheet Only $45 ea (plus $20 S&H)

Servsafe Alcohol Safety Certification (Private classes only - 20 person minimum)

Fee per student with book (add $5 per person for Michigan) $65
Extra Book with answer Sheet $25 ea

Servsafe Food Handler Safety Certification (Private classes only - 20 person minimum)

Fee per student with book $45
Extra Book with answer Sheet(except Ohio) $20 ea
Online Handler Course and Assessment (10 pack)   $150

Travel Expenses

Travel Time (any travel necessary from our home office) $60 hour
Mileage (any travel necessary from our home office) $.62 per mile
Overnight (any travel requiring overnight stays) $175 per night

(Travel expenses apply for locations 40 miles and 1 hour outside of Grand Rapids MI)

Our Clients

"Culinary Cultivations is the only partner to choose when building a restaurant from the ground up. Their professional staff will help you construct, build, and cost a menu. They will help get your staff certified and trained. They are of the utmost professionalism and I would trust them with any size project".
Brad Ritter, Customer Development Specialist
Gordon Food Service®