About Us

Our Story
We realized that often the people teaching food handling safety techniques to chefs and food service professionals alike were not actually in the Hospitality or Food Service Industry themselves.
Our Team
Picture of Shawn Kohlhaas
Main Principal / Lead Consultant
Picture of Melissa Atkinson
Events Staffing Director
Picture of Justin Stermin
ServSafe Manager / Culinary Consultant
Picture of Stephanie Weesies
Event Staffing Manager
Picture of Abbie Lemke
Marketing Manager / Recruitment
Picture of Dick Thompson
Operational / Financial Consultant
Picture of Stephanie Bazen MA, RDN
Nutrition / Registered Dietitian Consultant
Picture of Rick Persson
Instructor and Food Service Consultant
Picture of Chef George Dennis CEC CCE AAC 
Food Service Consultant
Picture of Gabby Lamoreaux
Administrative Assistant / Marketing
Picture of Vanessa Hayes
Chef Consultant / Instructor
Picture of Eddie Garcia
Chef Instructor / Culinary Field Leader
Picture of Phinn Kohlhaas
Director of Barketing and Fun Coordinator
Our Clients
"Culinary Cultivations is the only partner to choose when building a restaurant from the ground up. Their professional staff will help you construct, build, and cost a menu. They will help get your staff certified and trained. They are of the utmost professionalism and I would trust them with any size project".
Brad Ritter, Customer Development Specialist
Gordon Food Service®