Our Story

We realized that often the people teaching food handling safety techniques to chefs and food service professionals alike were not actually in the Hospitality or Food Service Industry themselves. We then set out to reinvent the typical food safety training program with a more hands on and practical approach by forming Culinary Cultivations.

As a company, we wanted to create an educational, comfortable and chef driven experience for the students in our ServSafe certification programs. The driving force behind Culinary Cultivations originated from a passion for fresh, local, sustainable and safe food handling practices.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring our professional expertise and real world experience to the exacting standards as taught in our classrooms for all our ServSafe Training Programs; as well as a fresh and efficient approach to all aspects of food service and hospitality as dependent upon the unique needs of our clients.

Our Vision

Culinary Cultivations strives to become the go-to source for food service education, hospitality consulting and marketing in Michigan. We will continue to maintain the importance of the highest levels of customer service in every one of our future endeavors. Our active community involvement and strong local partnerships are also central to our identity as a professional local resource, and we will continue to keep that as our focus as we expand. We aim to become an all-inclusive custom support network within the hospitality and food service industry by specifically identifying and fulfilling our individual clients’ needs. Culinary Cultivations is your partner in all aspects of food service, from large-scale operations to unique fine dining establishments, encompassing locales beyond our current Michigan markets.