Food Service License Acquisition

General Food Service License Acquisition - $2000

We will work with you from the beginning of your project with an initial consultation to review your project. We will then review the health department packet and gather all pertinent information, act as your liaison with health department, develop your food safety SOP’S according to your operation and menu offerings, review the information with your health department, submit the completed packet to health department and work directly with the health department for your approval for construction. Regulatory logs, kitchen signs and other materials for your compliancy with Health Department standards are included with this package. 

Binded Health Department Packet Copy - $150

SOP’s for Food Safety - $1200

Develop the Standard Operating Procedures for Food Safety for your operation to hand in with your health department packet to acquire your food service license. This includes Regulatory logs and kitchen signs for your operation in an electronic format.

Binded SOP Manual Copy - $150