Grand Rapids Brewing Company

On January 1, 1893 six local breweries joined forces and opened Grand Rapids Brewing Co.

Over the next two decades, they built a monumental brewery at the corner of Michigan Street and Ionia Avenue, what is now the site of a state office building. Capitalizing on the location’s ample supply of fresh spring water and a refreshingly drinkable flagship beer, Silver Foam, GRBC became one of Midwest’s largest and best-known breweries.

In 1920, Prohibition brought that success story to a crashing halt. When the bans on alcohol production and sales were lifted, GRBC merged with several other breweries and eventually left town.

In 2012, Mark Sellers, founder of BarFly Ventures and owner of three other area bars, brought Grand Rapids Brewing Co. back to downtown Grand Rapids, just 6 blocks from its original location. Today’s Grand Rapids Brewing Company opened on December 5, 2012, 79 years to the day after the repeal of Prohibition.

Today, we pride ourselves on being the first USDA-certified organic brewery in the Midwest. The beer we produce includes a recreation of the iconic Silver Foam, along with several other beers brewed to honor our Grand Rapids heritage, leaders, landmarks as well as our Grand Rapids Brewing Company family.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do as a company. We built our brewpub to reflect that value. Reclaimed materials were used for our floors, tables and walls and we employed local artisans to create our furnishings and artwork. We also employ an extensive recycling and composting program, helping us divert more than 90 percent of GRBC’s waste from landfills and incinerators.

We hope that you are as excited to experience Grand Rapids Brewing Company, as we are to provide this experience for you.