Gordon Food Service

"Shawn Kohlhaas and the Culinary Cultivation's team has been wonderful to work with! From assisting with our Employee Picnics to providing Safe Serve classes to our customers, this team DOES IT ALL! They have been able to service a broad range of needs for us, while always remaining very flexible, cost-effective, and professional to work with. Great job and keep up the good work"

Nina (Neira) Erkocevic

Great Lakes and GLW Executive Assistant

Gordon Food Service®

"Culinary Cultivations is the only partner to choose when building a restaurant from the ground up. Their professional staff will help you construct, build, and cost a menu. They will help get your staff certified and trained. They are of the utmost professionalism and I would trust them with any size project".

Brad Ritter

Customer Development Specialist

Gordon Food Service®